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This course offers detailed training on the Vivado® software tool flow, Xilinx design constraints (XDC), and static timing analysis (STA). Learn to use good FPGA design practices and all FPGA resources to advantage. Learn to fully and appropriately constrain your design by using industry-standard XDC constraints. Learn how the theVivado IDE design database is structured and learn to traverse the design. Create appropriate timing reports to perform full STA and how to appropriately synthesize your design.You will also learn the FPGA design best practices and skills to be successful using the Vivado Design Suite. This includes the necessary skills to improve design speed and reliability, including: system reset design, synchronization circuits, optimum HDL coding techniques, and timing closure techniques using the Vivado software. This course encapsulates this information with an FPGA design methodology case study. The full FPGA Design Methodology Checklist is also introduced

Who Should Attend?

FPGA designers with intermediate knowledge of HDL and FPGA architecture, and some experience with the Xilinx Vivado Design Suite


Essentials of FPGA Design course or equivalent knowledge of FPGA architecture features; the Vivado software flow; basic FPGA design techniques; basic clock, input, and output timing constraints, and the Constraints Editor

  1. Intermediate HDL knowledge (VHDL or Verilog)
  2. Solid digital design background
  3. Software Tools
  4. Vivado System Edition 2013.2
  5. Hardware

Architecture: 7 series FPGAs

At the end of the comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  1. Use good alternative design practices to improve design reliability
  2. Increase performance by utilizing FPGA design techniques
  3. Describe the details of Vivado IDE database objects
  4. Identify Tcl commands for interacting with the database
  5. Apply complete Xilinx design constraints (XDC), including timing exceptions, false paths, and multi-cycle path constraints
  6. Utilize static timing analysis (STA) to analyze timing results
  7. Pinpoint design bottlenecks by using appropriate timing reports
  8. Apply advanced I/O timing constraints to meet performance goals
  9. Describe different synthesis options and how they can improve design performance
  10. Describe the Vivado Design Suite FPGA Design Methodology Checklist
  11. Identify key areas to optimize your design to meet your design goals and performance objectives
  12. Define a properly constrained design
  13. Optimize HDL code to maximize the FPGA resources that are inferred and meet your performance goals
  14. Build resets into your system for optimum reliability and design speed
  15. Build a more reliable design that is less vulnerable to metastability problems and requires less design debugging later in the development cycle
  16. Use Vivado Design Suite reports and utilities to full advantage, especially the Clock Interaction report
  17. Identify timing closure techniques using the Vivado Design Suite
  18. Describe how the Xilinx design methodology techniques work effectively through case study/lab experience

Course Outline & Agenda

  1. Review of Essentials of FPGA Design
  2. Design Methodology Summary
  3. FPGA Design Techniques
  4. Accessing the Design Database
  5. Vivado IDE Database
  6. Static Timing Analysis and Clocks
  7. Vivado Clock
  8. Inputs and Outputs
  9. I/O Constraints
  10. Timing Exceptions
  11. Timing Exceptions
  12. Synthesis Techniques
  13. Design Methodology
  14. HDL Coding Techniques
  15. FPGA Design Methodology Checklist
  16. FPGA Design Methodology
  17. HDL Coding Techniques
  18. Reset Methodology
  19. Resets
  20. SRL and DSP Inference
  21. Synchronization Circuits and the Clock Interaction Report
  22. Timing Closure
  23. FPGA Design Methodology Case Study
  24. Timing Closure and Design Conversion
  25. Timing Constraints Review
  26. Synchronization Circuits and the Clock Interaction Report
  27. Fanout and Logic Replication
  28. Pipelining lab

All participants will get the hard copy of the training material and a certificate of participation.
Note: Outstation participants can avail accommodation at an additional cost.

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