Best Phonegap Training in Jalandhar & Best Hybrid Mobile Apps Training in Jalandhar

Best Phonegap Training in JalandharAs per a recent report on top developer trends to look out for in 2017, mobile development will continue to be huge thereby fueling the demand for native and web applications built for mobile devices. However, as the devices and interfaces continue to proliferate, developing native apps will become a crippling endeavor. In such a scenario, PhoneGap, HTML5 and other related web technologies will play a critical and dominant role in the future of app development.

PhoneGap Training with Mobignosis

Mobignosis PhoneGap training course is primarily aimed at Corporates, Students, technology buffs and individuals who need to upgrade their skill sets but lack the time needed for traditional full time courses.
It has a fine balance of theory and hands-on sessions. The PhoneGap training course content covers the newest developments in PhoneGap.
You can be assured of obtaining training from professionals and instructors with vast experience in the sector.
PhoneGap training course enables applicants to make hybrid mobile apps that are neither native nor entirely web-based.
The course will enable them to make interactive and feature rich apps meant for popular mobile platforms like Microsoft Windows Phone 8, Google Android, BlackBerry and Apple iOS.
This will be quite convenient for applicants as they will be able to work on a wider canvas as opposed to working on platform specific mobile app development.

Impressive Phonegap Training . The trainer could deliver more than that what is expected in workshop, it was kind of full course , covering most of the topics . I would recommend MobiGnosis for phone gap training .
PhoneGap Training Course: Highlights


  • 1 Month  intense hands-on training for designing and developing mobile applications for android and iOS
  • 1 Month Free technical support from MOBIGNOSIS’s team after the course completion
  • Development ready machines will be provided during the course. Please feel free to bring your own machines too
  • Free android App development toolkit

Certification: Candidates receive Mobignosis Course Completion Certificate upon successful completion of course.

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PhoneGap Training Course: Pre-requisites
  • Attendees must have good working knowledge of HTML,CSS,Javascrpt
  • Basic knowledge of eclipse IDE, and any web development tool


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Target Audience

Corporates – Firms, looking to train their tech staff to learn Mobile App Development in android

Individuals: Tech Enthusiasts who like to upgrade their skill sets.

Students: Graduates interested in learning android application development using PhoneGap.

Tech Enthusiasts: Individuals interesting in creating their own mobile applications.

PhoneGap Training Course: Syllabus

Chapter 1

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to PhoneGap
  • Advantages of PhoneGap
  • Introduction of HTML, CSS, java script
  • Downloading and installing PhoneGap
  • Setting up the environment
  • Hello world
  • PhoneGap build
    • Introduction
    • Adobe build platform
    • Sample application
    • Basic config file how to write it
    • Platform independent properties
    • iOS only properties
    • Android properties
    • Adding icons
    • Adding splash screen
    • Writing preferences
    • Adding features
    • Adding plugins
    • Building the application

Chapter 2

  • GUI Designing
    • Introduction to jQuery Mobile
    • Making fantastic GUI using HTML, CSS and jQuery mobile
    • Adding GUI components using JQUERY mobile
      • Buttons
      • Grids
      • Forms
      • Color themes in GUI

Chapter 3

  • Hardware APIs
    • Introduction to hardware interfacing using JavaScript
    • Hardware APIs available in PhoneGap
  • Camera
    • Getting to know about camera API
    • Accessing device camera
  • Accelerometer
    • Getting to know about accelerometer API
    • Accessing device accelerometer using the accelerometer object
    • Captures device motion in the x, y, and z direction
  • Networking
    • Connection interfacing
    • Checking for network
    • Network information

Chapter 4

  • Device Information and Notification
    • Getting information from device
    • Notifications
    • Alerts
  • Splash Screen and Events
    • Splash screen
    • Database management
    • Event listener and device ready functions
  • Storage
    • Database using SQLite
    • How to uses SQLite web API
    • Adding tables
    • Insert data
    • Querying data/read data
    • Deleting table
    • Updating data
    • Basic Queries
  • Media and Files
    • Basic le systems
    • Directories and les
  • Contacts
    • Accessing device contacts
    • Adding and editing contacts