CompTIA ITRONIX CERTIFIED & CompTIA A+ Industrial Training in Jalandhar

A basic level, hardware networking course, the CompTIA A+ certification, validates foundation-level knowledge and skills required for a career in PC support. Our vendor-neutral certification at the international level proves competence in areas such as preventative maintenance, installation, security, networking, and troubleshooting.
The CompTIA A+ Essentials Certification, a hardware networking course at a very basic level helps in measuring your competencies as an IT professional also including 500 hours of hands-on experience in the lab or field. The exam tests the understanding of computer technology, networking, and security of our students and also their communication skills and professionalism which is a must-have for all entry-level IT professionals these days. The CompTIA A+ Certification has two exams.
The CompTIA A+ Practical Application exam is an extension of the CompTIA A+ Essentials Certification, involving more of a “hands-on” orientation focusing on scenarios involving the application of troubleshooting and tools to resolve problems.