Best C++ Programming Language Course Training in Jalandhar

C++ is a powerful and versatile programming language that has been a cornerstone of software development for several decades. It was developed as an extension of the C programming language and introduced a wide range of features, such as object-oriented programming, that have made it a popular choice for a variety of applications. C++ offers a high level of control over system resources and memory management, making it well-suited for system-level programming and embedded systems. Its extensive standard library provides a rich set of functions and data structures, making it easier for developers to create efficient and maintainable code. C++ is commonly used in game development, operating systems, desktop applications, and many other domains. With its history of innovation and continued evolution, C++ remains an essential language for programmers seeking to build high-performance and reliable software. Itronix Solutions provides the best C++ Programming language course training in Jalandhar.



  1. OOPS…!
  2. Structured versus Object Oriented Development
  3. Elements of Object-Oriented Programming
  4. C vs. C++
  5. Features of C++
  6. What Is an Object?
  7. What Is a Class?


  2. Namespaces
  3. Simple Output
  4. Simple Input
  5. Scope resolution Operator
  6. Variables aliases(reference variables)
  7. Parameters passing by References
  8. Inline function
  9. Function Overloading
  10. Default Arguments
  11. Operators new and delete
  12. The bool Data Type


  1. Components of a Class
  2. Class Structure and Class Declaration Syntax
  3. Malloc ( ) / free ( ) versus new/delete
  4. Class, Objects and memory resources
  5. Accessing class members
  6. Defining Member Functions
  7. Outside member functions as inline
  8. Accessing member functions within the class
  9. Data Hiding
  10. Passing Objects as arguments
  11. Friend Classes
  12. Static data members
  13. Static Functions


  1. Constructors and Initialization
  2. The need of the Constructor
  3. Parameterized constructor
  4. Constructor overloading
  5. Name fewer objects
  6. Constructor with default arguments
  7. Object Copying and Copy Constructor
  8. Dynamic initialization through constructors


  1. Introduction
  2. Rules for Operator Overloading
  3. Overloading ++, –, +, -, *, /,<,> …. & Logical operators
  4. Overloading << and >> (stream operators)
  5. Nameless Temporary Objects
  6. Overloading New and Delete Operator
  7. Comparison Operators
  8. Data Conversion
  9. Conversion between Datatypes
  10. Conversion between basic and Objects
  11. Conversion between Objects of different classes
  12. Overloading with friend functions


  1. Introduction
  2. Derived class declaration
  3. Forms of inheritance
  4. Member Accessibility
  5. Constructors in derived classes
  6. Overloaded Member functions
  7. Abstract classes
  8. Multilevel Inheritance
  9. Multiple Inheritance
  10. Hierarchical Inheritance
  11. Hybrid Inheritance
  12. Virtual Base Class


  1. Introduction
  2. Need for virtual functions
  3. Pointers of derived class objects
  4. Definitions of Virtual Functions
  5. Pure Virtual Functions
  6. Dynamic Binding
  7. Rules For virtual functions


  1. Introduction
  2. Template Functions
  3. Overloaded Function Templates
  4. Multiple Argument Function Templates
  5. Purpose of Class Templates
  6. Class Templates with overloaded operators


  1. Introduction
  2. Error Handling
  3. Exception Handling
  4. Types of Exceptions-Try, throw, catch
  5. Specified, Unspecified exceptions
  6. Handling Uncaught Exceptions


  1. What are streams?
  2. Console Streams
  3. File I/O with Streams
  4. Opening and closing files
  5. Interacting with
    1. Text files (ex: .txt, .c, .cpp)
    2. Non-text files (ex: .dat, .mpg, .avi, .mp3)
  6. Unformatted, Formatted Console O/P


  1. Creating(string) objects
  2. Manipulating String Objects
  3. Relational Operations
  4. String Characteristics


  1. Procedure-Oriented Development Tools
  2. Object-Oriented Notations and Graphs
  3. Steps in Object-Oriented Analysis
  4. Steps in Object-Oriented Design
  5. Implementation

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