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The Linux+ from CompTIA is powered by the LPI (Linux Professional Institute), and has been designed for the job role of Linux Administrators. The certification program equips you with the required knowledge and skills to work at the Linux command line, perform maintenance tasks, assist users and install and configure workstations.
The certification program requires two exams :LX 101 and LX 102

COMPTIA training in jalandhar

Determine and configure hardware settings

1. Enable and disable integrated peripherals
2. Configure systems with or without external peripherals such as keyboards
3. Differentiate between the various types of mass storage devices
4. Know the differences between coldplug and hotplug devices
5. Determine hardware resources for devices
6. Tools and utilities to list various hardware information (e.g., Isusb, lspci)
7. ools and utilities to manipulate USB devices
8. Conceptual understanding of sysfs, udev, dbus
9. The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities.

Boot the system.

1. Provide common commands to the boot loader and options to the kernel at boot time
2. Demonstrate knowledge of the boot sequence from BIOS to boot completion
3. Understanding of SysVinit and systemd
4. Awareness of Upstart
5. Check boot events in the log file
6. The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities.

Change runlevels/boot targets and shutdown or reboot system.

1. Set the default runlevel or boot target
2. Change between runlevels/boot targets including single user mode
3. Shutdown and reboot from the command line
4. Alert users before switching runlevels/ boot targets or other major system events
5. Properly terminate processes

Design hard disk layout.

1. Allocate filesystems and swap space to separate partitions or disks
2. Tailor the design to the intended use of the system
3. Ensure the /boot partition conforms to the hardware architecture requirements for booting
4. Knowledge of basic features of LVM

/(root) filesystem

Install a boot manager.

1. Providing alternative boot locations and backup boot options
2. Install and configure a boot loader such as GRUB Legacy
3. Perform basic configuration changes for GRUB 2
4. Interact with the boot loader

Manage shared libraries.

1. Identify shared libraries
2. Identify the typical locations of system libraries
3. Load shared libraries

Use Debian package management.

1. Install, upgrade and uninstall Debian binary packages
2. Find packages containing specific files or libraries that may or may not be installed
3. Obtain package information such as version, content, dependencies, package integrity and installation status (whether or not the package is installed)

Use RPM and YUM package management.

1. Install, re-install, upgrade and remove packages using RPM and YUM
2. Obtain information on RPM packages such as version, status, dependencies, integrity and signatures
3. Determine what files a package provides, as well as find which package a specific file comes from
4. The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities.

Work on the command line

1. Use single shell commands and one line command sequences to perform basic tasks on the command line
2. Use and modify the shell environment including defining, referencing and exporting environment variables
3. Use and edit command history
4. Invoke commands inside and outside the defined path

Process text streams using filters.

1. Send text files and output streams through text utility filters to modify the output using standard UNIX commands found in the GNU textutils package

Perform basic file management

1. Copy, move and remove files and directories individually
2. Copy multiple files and directories recursively
3. Remove files and directories recursively
4. Use simple and advanced wildcard specifications in commands
5. Use find to locate and act on files based on type, size or time
6. Usage of tar, cpio and dd

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